Another rainy day with friends in the dog house.

A lazy Sunday morning watching the tele 😊

Frankie’s House Rules

Frankie on squirrel watch

Thor loves his new Pittsburgh Steelers collar 😁

“Please sir, I want some more.” πŸ₯°

3 dogs and 1 ball = FUN! 🀩

Hanging out in the Clubhouse

Dog Fashion 😎

Why yes, I do like to lick snow ❄️ πŸ˜›

A perfectly valid reason 🐢

Night time fun in the snow with friends 😊

Riley, Frankie, and Thor

Carley & Frankie

Carley isn’t leaving the stairs unless she’s allowed to go upstairs to visit Ruby 🐾πŸ₯°πŸΎ

My friend Carley came for a sleepover 🐾πŸ₯°πŸΎ

Some like being on the window seat, and some prefer my lap 🐾😍🐾

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